About Rie Katagiri

Rie Katagiri has been working as an intuitive and skilled massage therapist for 17 years. She has extensive training in deep tissue, shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapy.  Rie has also been leading deep and transformative yoga classes in Los Angeles since 2002.  Her primary yoga mentor is been Ana Forrest, who upon her first teacher's training, immediately gave her the coveted instructor position at the original Forrest Yoga Circle in Santa Monica, CA.

Rie started her yoga practice in 1996 after an injury that left her hospitalized for a few days.  The lack of compassion and care she experienced in the hospital was so depressing it lit up something inside of her that said, 'People who need healing, deserve better than this".  Dealing with her injury, she realized she had no idea what her body was actually capable of but had a gut feeling that it must have a built-in healing and regenerative intelligence.  This traumatic experience set her on the path of healing and educating herself about conscious healthy living.  Through her own life changes she became passionate about sharing what she experienced and learned with others.   

Empowering her students and clients to feel and believe how amazing their bodies are, is top priority for Rie.  Self care through proper nutrition, cleansing, exercising and effective ways to deal with stress are all topics she is pleased to cover during a private session.  She is also a certified  Yoga Tune Up® instructor.  The work she is doing with the YTU Therapy Balls are becoming a favorite part of her student's week.  Check out her weekly classes to experience it for yourself.

Currently, Rie is also having so much fun as a choreographer, movement coach, dancer and instructor at Erotic Movement Arts.

 In 2004, in a pole dancing class, Rie discovered what was missing in her life.  In this intimate room full of women, she found that her  inner dancer and sensual femaleness had been in a deep sleep.  This new found love affair with her sensuality + pole dancing  led her to fully dive into the dance classes at  S Factor in Los Angeles and began tending to another layer of self discovery and healing.  At the urging of her instructor, in 2006 she became a teacher as well as a national teacher trainer for them; developing their anatomy curriculum.  After many years of supporting  someone else's vision, she followed her heart to start her own movement called Erotic Movement Arts (formerly knowns as Erotic Discovery).  

Erotic Movement Arts is a multi sensory, pleasure based, conscious movement and fitness experience for women.  Part sacred temple, part boudoir - through pole and the many layers of erotic dance, EMA offers a space for embodied creativity and is a gentle yet powerful gathering space for women.  

Her weekly classes bring women from all over southern California together to explore through dance, dialog, ritual, play and witnessing women in their authentic self.